Instant iLift

The secret to younger looking eyes...

This AMAZING treatment that immediately smooths and energises tired and sagging skin to look years younger and fresher ‚ instantly. INSTANT i LIFT forms a tightening matrix to hold the skin taut and firm, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. INSTANT i LIFT works in minutes and lasts for hours.!!!

INSTANT i LIFT will give you AMAZING results for under the eyes and laughter lines also can reduce the look of forehead & mouth lines,


Shake the bottle before each use and make sure the roller ball is free from dried serum as this will stop the roller ball from moving freely.

Remember this is a serum not a cream, you do not rub it in it will not be as effective. You allow it to dry, this is how it tightens the skin - roller over the area and tap with your forefinger to push the serum deep into the skin then allow to dry or fan the area to help dry quicker.

If you over apply the serum it may make the area look worse so wash off and start again!

It may take a few applications before you get it right. Watch your wrinkles disappear with The INSTANT i LIFT. 10 YEARS YOUNGER IN A BOTTLE!

Can also be used overnight as this will permanently reduce your wrinkles as when your skin cells replace themselves they are trained to grow back smoother.

Contains elasticize properties so it will not crack with facial movements.

You can use water based or powdered foundation over INSTANT i LIFT as it is not sticky or greasy.

Can be worn when you are at work, or on a night out. The best product of its kind on the market.